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“The FAB 5!” Mastering Communications in The New World of Work

Nineteen months ago, like you and the rest of the world, The Confidence Project faced challenges I never imagined. Today, I’m happy to tell you that those challenges prompted a re-visioning of what programs I can offer to you and your teams.

This is our new BRIEF called, Mastering Communications in The New World of Work. Also known as “The FAB 5!”

It gives details on all of our offerings. And it’s also designed to meet your communication challenges with virtual, in-person and hybrid work.

Camera Confidence: Zoom, Teams, WebX or whatever platform you use is here to stay. In this presentation, I offer many techniques on how to consistently present yourself with confidence on video calls.

Words to LOSE and Words to USE:

LOSE words that sound hesitate or uncertain and learn how to replace them with Words to USE that have impact and give people more confidence in you and your company.

#3 Interactive Training

Introductions with Impact: How to introduce yourself, your 10 seconds of you. How to introduce one person to another, the best way. And, how to create an introduction for public speaking to a group of any size.

Confident Conversations. Learn the Confidence Project “formula” for starting a conversation and keeping it going, so that you can connect with people and build relationships. Think networking or business development, in-person or virtually.

The NEW Hello and the NEW Goodbye In The New World of Work.

How do you greet people these days, professionally?

How do you express what you’re comfortable with? Or not? I have technique for pre-empting the awkward!

How do you invite someone into a conversation if you can’t remember their name?

And how do you get out of a conversation with confidence where everybody feels good?

I’ve been presenting some of these trainings for over a year with great feedback! Now, we’ve put “The FAB 5” all together, in one, easy-to-read digital BRIEF.

You can choose one, two or all five programs for a series.

If you’d like to get a copy of the BRIEF with all the details about bringing The Confidence Project to your team or company, or if you’re interested in 1:1 Advising, please email us at Thank you.

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