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Circle Back Soon

Last month, I covered “How to Craft the Perfect Email Introduction” whether you are the person making the introduction or the person who is being introduced. 

This is a follow up---about following-up.

I call it Circle Back Soon.

If someone makes the effort to introduce you to someone or recommend you to another person or to offer you advice, let them know the outcome. Schedule a calendar event or put it in your CRM, like HubSpot, to remind you to circle back.

For example:

Hi Harry,

I want to update you on my meeting with Leslie St. Marie. Thanks to your generous introduction, Leslie and I met last week and have decided to … and then tell them what you decided to do. Or Leslie connected me with Rob Metz, and then explain what happened as a result of that connection. Or, I took your advice and have reached out to or have started to….and then explain your action steps.

Of course, it’s expected and polite to say, thank you in the moment. It makes a bigger impact, however, to follow up with an update. The person who you’re updating will be delighted to know that their introduction or recommendation or advice made a difference for you. And, they will remember you for remembering them.

Thanks for reading.

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