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  • Tracy Hooper

I Broke My Wrist

Life is ironic, isn't it?

At the end of 2023, after some reflection, I decided that 2024 was going to be “My Year of Self-care.” And it would look like this.

Voice lessons.

I used to sing, and I loved it, but I haven’t sung for years. So, I signed up for the “Awakening Our Voices Circle” --- a 6-week, group, vocal journey---"creating community, connection, and confidence in the activation of our voices.” Leading the group is my daughter, Kathleen Hooper, who’s a professional singer and voice coach.

I also joined a 12-week online nutrition and fitness program called The Mindset Reset. It's focused on good nutrition and strength training to support being confident in what my body can do and how good it makes me feel to be healthy, fit, flexible, and strong.

And, finally, I wanted to spend more time with my friends. I wanted to be spontaneous about meeting for coffee or a walk or more regular phone calls. All of this is self-care to me.

And then, life happened.

After a bad storm in January, I slipped on ice in our driveway and broke the radius in my right wrist. I never even knew I had a radius bone. And now, 1 titanium plate and 10 screws later, I have a repaired and recuperating radius.

I’m telling you this because I’ve discovered an unexpected form of self-care, an epiphany --- slowing down.  Not to a screeching halt by any means. I love my work. But I also want to nourish myself with singing, and more regular exercise, and taking time to eat well, and have fun with my family and friends. 

What’s your form of self-care?

Let's do it.

It helps build Confidence.

Thank you for reading.

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