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Celebrating 10 Years with Tracy-isms

Happy New Year. And Happy 10th Birthday to The Confidence Project. Yup. It’s 10 years old! 

To celebrate, I’m sharing my Top 2 Tracy-isms. These are my "truisms" that have helped shape The Confidence Project and my clients in profound ways. And now, I’m sharing them with you.

Tracy-ism #1 -

“Every conversation is an interview.”You never know when you’ll meet someone who could hire you, promote you, recommend you,mentor you, sponsor you, or introduce you to a prospect, or your next client, or a new friend, or even a romantic partner! Therefore,

  • Be polite. It matters more than ever in our fragmented world.

  • Check your posture. Pull your shoulders down and away from your ears. Posture is the unsung hero of Confidence.

  • Listen well. As talk show legend, Larry King said, “I never learned anything while I was talking.”

  • Practice Amplification. If you’re in a team meeting or any group conversation and someone gets interrupted or talked over, amplify them by saying, “Before we move on, I’ll like to get back to Taylor’s idea. Taylor, keep going with that.”

  • Use correct grammar. It’s not, “Me and Lou are working on the proposal.”It’s, “Lou and I are working on the proposal.” Honor the other person by saying their name first and your grammar will also be correct.

  • Be inclusive. Welcome someone into the conversation, “Maya, come join us. We were just talking about Rick's sensational presentation.” Everyone will remember you for that.

  • And, finally, don’t over apologize. If you make a mistake, if there’s been a misunderstanding, or you bump into someone and spill coffee all over them, absolutely, apologize. Otherwise, replace “I’m sorry” with “Thank you.” “Thank you for your patience. Thanks for understanding. Thanks for being flexible.”

“Every conversation is an interview.”

And now, Tracy-ism #2 -

“Everyone who lives long enough will become an adult, but not everyone becomes a grown-up.” In business or in life, here are my ideal traits of a grown-up:

  • Be prompt. It shows you respect the other person’s schedule and your own.

  • Be pleasant. It makes life easier to be with a pleasant person.

  • Be respectful. No need to yell. If you yell, people will hear your volume, but not necessarily your words.

  • Be reliable. If you say you’re going to be there, be there. If you say you’re going to do it, do it. Meetings, phone calls, emails. No ghosting.

  • Be honest. Give people credit for their ideas and their work contributions.

  • Be direct. Feedback, given with compassion, can help other people to see their blind spots, which could be holding them back. Helpful feedback is a gift.

  • Be open to others giving you feedback. We all can improve and evolve.

  • Be high-minded. Speak with people directly, not behind their backs.

  • Be consistent. That makes people feel safe and that they can trust you.

  • Be curious. Remember, everyone’s favorite subject is themselves! Ask them about them.

  • Be patient. Some people take longer to gather their thoughts and express their ideas.And finally,

  • Be professional. No cussing.

Ahh. To be a grown-up. It’s a great way to live your adult life. And, and to work with a grownup is GOLD. You can untangle problems, be creative, find solutions. You can get work done and enjoy the process! There you have it. My “Tracy-isms.”Thank you for your support of The Confidence Project over these 10 years.I couldn’t have done it without you. And because of you, I’ll keep going and growing.Thanks for watching.

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