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The Confidence Project delivers onsite training at your company. In groups of 10-100 Tracy teaches strategies and skills through interactive Labs that build confidence and start impacting culture right away.

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The Confidence Project delivers virtual trainings to individuals and teams. Tracy teaches strategies and skills through dynamic Video Labs that build confidence and start impacting culture right away.



Small teams and executive committees will learn to overcome internal challenges and meet their objectives using techniques that keep them aligned and increase impact with colleagues and clients.



Executive leaders and professionals learn to 

  • Overcome career obstacles 

  • Acquire skills to succeed in a challenging new role

  • Prepare for a big presentation that puts them in the spotlight 


Clients receive in-depth coaching and quick results to elevate their self-assurance and their career.



Tracy challenges assumptions about confident leadership and offers insight on how to create a workplace culture that inspires innovation and top-performance at all levels in an organization.


While part of confidence is genetic, the rest comes from taking action. Research has confirmed that confidence, like a muscle can be developed and strengthened. The Confidence Project expands the benefits of confidence across your organization.

Let Tracy teach you how to make Confidence the foundation of a sustainable, positive Company Culture.

Improve engagement, productivity, innovation, and realize better business outcomes.


"Truly the best 4 hours of professional development I have had in many months."

Danielle Y., President - Children's Cancer Association

"Thank you so much for your help on the speech that I gave to the group of CEOs. I have heard you speak in front of large groups multiple times and knew you could help me craft a dynamic and engaging presentation. I was delighted by how much energy and insight you added to the process. You helped me hone my speech so that it was entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking. You outperformed my expectations, especially in coaching my delivery."

Bryan C., President - Concannon Lumber

"My work with The Confidence Project has been invaluable. I can be relied upon to communicate sensitive messages, negotiate politically charged outcomes, lead and inspire my local and distant staff of over 300 people in 4 states, and 7 time zones while keeping morale up, even in the face of heavy workloads and partial government shutdowns. I also participate in national-level conversations more comfortably, helping to guide policy development and preparation of Budget justifications. Now, I feel comfortable in these spaces, whereas before working with The Confidence Project, I was not. Thank you, Tracy."

Rollie W., Federal Manager

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