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Courageous Conversations


Effective leaders know that a strong company culture includes learning how to give, get, and ask for feedback. Managing feedback conversations can increase engagement, productivity, and the bottom line. However, it can be challenging, awkward, and nerve-wracking, especially when done virtually.

Mastering Virtual Communications


In this time of challenge and change, leaders and teams need to connect on-camera with Confidence. With training, everyone on the team can tap into a new energy, and learn skills to inspire and perform at their best in a remote environment.

Tracy delivers this focused training to leaders and teams virtually.

Confidence on Video Calls

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 5.13.50 PM.png

We've created a complimentary 4-part video series around how to be a confident leader or participant on video calls like Zoom, WebX and Google Hangouts Meet.

You'll learn skills around technology, how to be the conference call host, how to show respect for the team and the client, how to be camera ready, and how to be camera savvy.

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