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Courageous Conversations

How to Give, Get, & Ask for Feedback

In-person or Online with Confidence

Effective leaders know that a strong company culture includes learning how to give, get, and ask for feedback. Managing feedback conversations can increase engagement, productivity, and the bottom line. However, it can be challenging, awkward, and nerve-wracking, especially when done virtually.

Tracy and co-presenter, Mike Tarbell* deliver this focused training to leaders and teams virtually.

In this interactive workshop, individuals and teams will practice techniques to master effective feedback and have these courageous conversations with confidence.

Participants will leave this workshop ready to:

  • Prepare for and deliver feedback effectively (to direct reports, peers, or your boss)

  • Handle a variety of defense mechanisms with composure and confidence

  • Ask for feedback from others to enhance an open and inclusive culture.

  • Receive feedback using listening skills.

*Mike Tarbell, President of Playbooks Consulting, is a recognized expert in leading large, global, virtual teams.

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