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  • Tracy Hooper

Sweet Talk Yourself

Typically, when someone talks about “sweet talking,” they mean, sweet talking someone else. Perhaps their sweetheart or a child or a friend who’s struggling, or their beloved pet.

But do you ever sweet talk yourself?

I started this practice a few years ago after finally deciding that berating myself, even slightly, was exhausting and unhelpful.

To be fair, I didn’t beat myself up for every single misstep but I found myself saying, "I should have been more direct" or

or "I missed the chance to..." fill in the blank. Or, "Tracy, stop procrastinating. What’s your problem? Get going. Make that phone call."

That mean monologue in my brain was giving way too much power to my inner roommate

who, by the way, was living rent-free in here.

Then one day, I had an ah haa and switched to “sweet talk.”

Now, if I’m working on a project with a deadline and I’m feeling anxious, I say out loud, “Tracy, you're doing great. Look at you. Keep going, girl.” Or if I’m procrastinating, I’ll say, “Tracy, come on…just give it 5-minutes. Just sit down and get started. You can do it."

Like I’m training a puppy!

It’s soothing not shaming or punishing.

If I start to make up a story about why someone hasn’t responded to my email or a proposal, now I say, “All is well.

Keep going, girl.”

Most recently, I’ve had to do a lot of “sweet talking” to my body! In January, I slipped on ice in our driveway... chipped a tooth, cracked a rib, and broke my right wrist.

I had successful surgery. There’s hardware in here…and I am grateful that my bone has healed.

But it’s not over.

Everyday I’m constantly,  physically working to regain my mobility, flexibility and strength. And, I have work to do in here, too. In my head.

That’s where “sweet talking” comes in.

I literally talk to my wrist!

“I am so proud of you. Look at you, girl.

You can make a fist now.

You can hold my hairdryer.

Open a jar. Chop vegetables.

Zip up my jacket. Keep going.”

If it sounds contrived, so be it. It works. And supports confidence.

For the next 30-days, consider "sweet talking" yourself. For whatever area of your life you need it. It’s good for your body, your mind, your career, and your confidence.

Thanks for reading.

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