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  • Tracy Hooper

Soul Searching in January

Here we are. It’s January 2021.

On January 3rd, I found an article in the WSJ called, “The Tech That Will Change Your Life.” And I was all set to have that as a launching pad for this month's video.

Then, January 6th happened. The U.S. Capitol building was stormed by rioters as the world, we all, watched, stunned, and horrified. Suddenly, I thought, “Anything I want to say in this month's video feels insignificant.”

Right now, I’m doing some internal searching and I encourage you to do the same. I am focusing on the civil transfer of power. Racial Justice. Vaccine for all. A return to health for people and the planet. A vibrant economy available for everyone. Kids and teachers back in school. And people treating each other with dignity and respect.

I'll talk with you back here next month. Thanks for watching.

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