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  • Tracy Hooper

Lose "You Guys"

“Ok, you guys. Let’s get started.”

Whenever I hear someone say, “you guys,” I think, “I’m not a guy.” And it’s not only men who say it. For several years, I’ve attended a well-established, highly regarded women’s leadership group and the founder consistently says,

· “Thanks for being here, you guys.”

· “What do you guys’ think about the workshop we’re planning for next week?”

· “I’m impressed with the work you guys are doing.”

Clearly, “you guys” is embedded in popular culture but unless you’re in a college fraternity or a duck blind with your bros, lose you guys. Instead, use

· you all

· everyone

· everybody here

· team

· people

· folks

· humans

· colleagues

· friends.

Look at all your options.

Be creative, you guys. No! Be creative, everybody. Thanks for reading.

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