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Accept a Compliment with Confidence

How do you accept a compliment, with confidence, or do you?

For example, when someone says, “You did a great job on that presentation.” Do you say, “You know, I got lucky. You all were a great audience.”

Or, “Congratulations for landing that client!”

“Well, really, the team made it happen. I’m the slacker in the group.”

I’m exaggerating to make a point, that when you brush-off someone’s compliment, it not only diminishes your success and maybe, even their perception of you, but it also dismisses that person who gave you the compliment, as if, they have bad judgement or their opinion isn’t valid.

“Those are great glasses.”

“Really? You like these?”

On the surface, these responses sound modest or humble, but not confident.

It’s true that there’s power in partnership and it’s good to acknowledge the team, but in that, ‘great-job-on-the-presentation-moment,’ the giver is praising YOU.

So, here’s how to accept it with confidence. Say, “Thank you.”

“Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed the presentation. You all were a great audience.”

“Thanks very much. Negotiation is my specialty. And the team really stepped up to win the client.”

“Thanks. I like my glasses, too.”

Sometimes, I let people’s compliments wash-over me, to put the focus back on them.  But if my husband, Henry, is there, he’ll sometimes say, “Tracy, did you hear that compliment? Did you hear what they said?” Then, we share a collective “ah ha moment” that when you pause and appreciate the praise and acknowledge the giver’s words, it elevates everybody.

For the next 30-days, practice accepting and savoring those accolades. And then, thank the giver, with confidence.

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