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  • Tracy Hooper

Grammar Hack for Professionals

Call me a grammar snob. I am. Unapologetically. And in my view, if you want to up your professional presence, brush up on your grammar. It matters because it sets you apart. It’s more professional.

Here’s a grammar mistake that’s pervasive in our casual culture today, even in business. It’s the misuse of the pronouns, “I and me.”

For instance, how often to you hear someone say, “Me and Margaret are working on the proposal?” Or “Me and Amir will meet the deadline.”

The correct way is to say it is, “Margaret and I are working on the proposal.” Or“Amir and I will meet the deadline.”

Honor the person who you’re talking about by saying their name first and it will also be grammatically correct.

Here’s a trick or a grammar hack to know if you’re saying it right or not. In your head, drop the name of the other person and say to yourself, “Me is working on the proposal?” No. “I am working on the proposal.”“Margaret and I are working on the proposal.” Or, you wouldn’t say,” Me will meet the deadline.” You would say, “I will meet the deadline. Amir and I will meet the deadline.”

As a leader or a professional, you represent your company, your team and yourselfevery time you speak. Saying the other person’s name first and using the pronouns “I and me” correctly will elevate your organization and you.

This small shift in how you present yourself, will not only give you more confidence in yourself, but it will also give other people more confidence in you.

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