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  • Tracy Hooper

Celebrating 100

What do you think when you hear, “100?”

  • A hundred-dollar bill?

  • 100% chance of rain?

  • Oh, you’d like to live to be 100?!

This month, The Confidence Project is celebrating 100. One hundred monthly newsletters. Thank you!

Early on, I wrote traditional email newsletters. After a few years, though, I shifted into producing videos all with Confidence as the theme AND, Sarah Garrison as my ace video editor! Thank you, Sarah.

Even after nine-years of The Confidence Project, there are many times when I wonder, “What am I going to talk about this month? What skill or technique or confident ‘Words to USE’ can I offer?” And then, just like that. . . YOU or real life, come to the rescue.

I’ll be talking one-on-one with a client and they’ll bring up an issue with one of their direct reports. Or, during the Q & A segment of a training session with a large group, someone will ask a question and people will nod their heads, as if to say, “Yeah. What do we do when that happens?” Or, there’s an article in the newspaper that sparks an idea. Or, I’m having lunch with a friend, and they mention the shift of power between employees and employers. Or, there’s a pattern of posts on social media on how to speak up in the workplace. Or how to teach ppl to listen better.

Over the years, my goal has been to offer insights and teach confidence skills from the experts and thought leaders and from my own experience. I want to support you and YOUR professional growth.

And what’s cool is, that it has become a virtuous circle --- of an experience, and then a lesson, and then an adjustment, and then practice. Lots of practice! Which leads to improvement and that success boosts confidence.

As we celebrate 100 editions, thank you for the opportunity, to provide videos to support you, and your team and your organization or company. Please keep giving me ideas of topics you’d like me to address. And, as always, thanks for watching.

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