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Introduce Yourself with a Hook

Tracy: Great News! The Confidence Project is growing. Please meet Kathleen Hooper. “So, Kathleen, what do you do?”

Kathleen: I’m the Business Development and Marketing Manager. My strengths are digital and social marketing which is expanding the reach of The Confidence Project around the globe!

Tracy: Kathleen just modeled what we call, “10 Seconds of You,” how to introduce yourself with a ‘hook’ that prompts people to ask more.

Kathleen: You’d think you’d have more than 10-seconds to pitch yourself, but you don’t. People get distracted and lose focus, fast.

Tracy: They start texting or looking around for someone else to talk to.

Kathleen: Here’s how to create your “10 Seconds of You.” Answer these three questions: 1. What do you do? 2. Who do you do it for? 3. How do they benefit?

Tracy: For example, “I’m the Founder of The Confidence Project. We work with leaders to practice skills to feel confident in any situation, so that they can connect with positive impact.”

Kathleen: Wow. “Tell me more.” THAT’s what you want people to say.

Tracy: And then edit. It takes time to create your “10 Seconds of You.”

Kathleen: I whittled my intro from one-minute with 50 words, down to 10-seconds with just 24 words.

Tracy: Well done! For the next 30-days create and edit your “10 Seconds of You.” Then, practice it with your family or friends or even trusted colleagues. And keep editing.

Kathleen: Then, when someone asks, “So what do YOU do?” you can tell them in 10-seconds or less, with confidence!

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