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Hello from Baltimore, Maryland

It’s one thing to speak up for yourself and give your perspective. It’s another, to speak up for someone else to reinforce their idea or point of view. Call it being “a team player” or a “supportive colleague.” Either way, it’s cool to echo someone else’s idea to promote their credibility and influence.

But speaking up for yourself and others takes practice. It can also be intimidating and frustrating. I’ve been in meetings where I want to add my idea, but if there are people with big personalities in the room or those, “serial interrupters,” then by the time there’s an opening, it’s two topics later, and I hesitate to go back.

Early on, the women in the Obama Administration experienced this frustration, of not being able to exert their influence in meetings. So, they developed a strategy called, “Amplification.”

Step One: Recruit your Colleagues. Tracy: “Should we try it?” Kathleen: “I’m in, if you’re in!”

Step Two: Repeat & Give Credit For example, if I make a point, and it doesn’t go anywhere Then, I’ll REPEAT Kathleen’s point and give HER the credit: Like: “I’m interested in Kathleen’s IDEA around …x..…” Or…, “Before we move on, let’s get back to Tracy’s perspective about…y…Or, “Kathleen proposed a concept earlier and it’s a good one. Kathleen, will you to expand on that, please?” “Sure! Thanks Tracy.”

Step Three. Express Gratitude. In the meeting, when someone echoes your point, say, “Thanks, Kathleen.” And then carry on with your concept… Or, afterwards, say, “Tracy, thanks for reinforcing my proposal. I appreciate your support.”

When you amplify people, everyone in the room can see that their perspective counts and that they have influence. And people will learn to listen. This “echo support” also generates diverse opinions and possible solutions, that can benefit your team or business, big time.

For the next 30-days, share the Amplification strategy, repeat & give credit, and always say, “Thanks.” Then, you’ll have a shared confidence.

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