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Your Voice Has Influence

What if every time you spoke, even in a simple conversation, you could rely on your voice? Whether you’re singing or projecting during a presentation or talking one-on-one, are you confident that your “real” voice will show-up and represent the best of you?

Linda Brice is an International Voice Coach. She says, “Regardless of your profession, your speaking voice is a critical component of your self-identity. And, your vocal demeanor is one of the most powerful tools you have to influence others.”

Voice patterns, like haircuts, cars, and types of music, come and go. And we often imitate what we hear, partially because, we want to “fit-in.” Then, before you know it, a “voice pattern,” becomes a habit, like “upspeak.”

Linguists say, that’s the habit of “making a simple statement? sound like a question? even when it’s in the middle of a sentence?” And they tell us, “upspeak” causes a fully competent person to be viewed as hesitant, immature and lacking confidence.

However, in some countries, like Australia or New Zealand, “upspeak” is a natural part of the way people talk. But in America, “upspeak” can send a message that you’re unsure of your ideas, your opinions, or even the content of your own presentation.

So, here’s what can you do to lose “upspeak.” First, record yourself, alone or with a friend. Tell them, “I’m trying to improve my vocal habits and I’d like to record our conversation to hear how I sound.” It’s awkward and can be painful to hear yourself, but recordings tell the truth.

Second, Patrick Munoz, a top LA voice coach says, to picture yourself “walking down the stairs.” Not to lower your voice but, to make definitive statements. So instead of talking like this? With question marks? All over the place? Practice speaking definitively.

For the next 30-days, check your voice, record yourself, and practice “coming down the stairs.” It takes time, but once you break the “upspeak” habit, you can rely on your “real” voice. Then, you’ll begin to see yourself as confident and so will everybody else.

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