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  • Tracy Hooper

Say it Forward

A few months ago, I was listening to NPR. National Public Radio and a segment came on called “Play it Forward.” Ari Shapiro is the host and “Play it Forward is his “musical chain of gratitude.”

It’s a play on words for “Pay it Forward.” You know, if someone is kind to you, then you Pay it Forward” by being kind to someone else. They hold the elevator for you; you hold the elevator for the next person.

Here’s the way “Play it Forward” works. A musician chooses an artist who they’re thankful for -- for influencing their work or for being their champion. Then, at the end of the interview, Ari asks that musician to choose another artist who they’re thankful for. And on it continues with each artist choosing the next link in the gratitude chain. Hence, “Play it Forward.”

After hearing that concept, I thought, with our world in such flux and turmoil, what if we all started to, “Say it Forward.” For instance, if there’s someone who has influenced your career or supported you along the way, especially in tough times, acknowledge how they’ve helped you and thank them. And then, encourage them to "Say it Forward.”

My first “Say it Forward” was to Mark LeBlanc, my business coach. I said, “Mark, thank you for believing in The Confidence Project and encouraging me to write The NEW Hello. This book has now reached thousands of people around the world and the message of “confidence can be learned” is making a difference. Thank you.”

Then, I asked Mark, “If you were to “Say it Forward”, who would you choose to thank for influencing your career? He thought a moment and then said, “My lifelong friend, Mike McKinley. And so, the link in the gratitude chain continues!

How about you? Who would you choose to “Say it Forward?” Let them know.

Thanks for reading.

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