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  • Tracy Hooper

My New Book: The New Hello

Like many of you, when Covid-19 hit, I froze. For weeks, it felt as if I were walking in mud. And I kept looking around thinking, “How did this happen?”

Did you feel that way?

Covid, though, has brought some gifts…some lessons for us. And one lesson is, that nobody accomplishes anything that is worthy by themselves.

Like millions of people, I had to find new ways of leading The Confidence Project. What was my new game plan? I honestly didn’t know if we could go on because my work involved face-to-face presentations delivered to rooms filled with people interacting with each other. A lot. And, when we suddenly couldn’t meet in-person, I faced my own crisis of confidence. I kept thinking, “What can I do? How can I serve my clients now?”

Well, I wrote a book for you!

Thanks to help from many people who believe in the work of The Confidence Project, here’s The NEW Hello. What to Say | What to Do in The New World of Work.

I am thrilled to bring this book to you because it holds skills and pro tips and stories and wisdom and hope for anybody who wants to learn how to live and work in our NEW world, on Zoom or in-person, with confidence.

Think of it as a pocket guide. Pull it out right before a face-to-face meeting with a prospect. Review certain chapters before you reconnect with a client, colleague, or even a friend. Or practice some ideas before you get on a high stakes video call. It can be your companion.

I hope you laugh. I hope you learn. And I hope you lean on each other to practice the skills or share techniques with your team. They are all inside The NEW Hello.

Thank you for watching. And thank you for reading! Happy, safe and healthy holidays to you.

And to purchase the book today click this link:

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