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  • Tracy Hooper

Introducing my New Book: The NOW Hello

I’m thrilled to share with you my newest book, The NOW Hello: What to Say | What to Do in The World of Work, now including Remote | Hybrid and In Person.

It’s a follow-on to my first book called, The NEW Hello: What to Say | What to Do in The NEW World of Work which I wrote in response to the pandemic.

In The NOW Hello, I answer the big question: What’s the confidence playbook now? How do we carry ourselves with confidence now? Now that the world is re-opening and we are working in a remote, hybrid and in person world. A world that is still living with COVID-19.

In each chapter, I’ll teach you new skills and techniques to support the work you do anywhere you are. I teach you how to:

  • Exude Camera Confidence

  • Be mindful of Words to LOSE that sound hesitant and uncertain and replace them with Words to USE that have impact and influence

  • Own your name and honor other people’s names

  • Successfully network these days online or in-person. And if you have gotten slightly rusty how to have

  • Confident Conversations where it’s a comfortable back and forth between you and another person or in a group and

  • Exit with confidence. And, how to

  • Navigate The Hybrid Highway.

I draw on the best of my background in TV news to tell real-life stories that show you how to elevate your personal and professional presence. Plus, there are 58 Pro Tips for you to try out or share with your team.

You can use The NOW Hello in every area of your life for the rest of your life.

Click on this link to order your copy today.

Thanks very much.

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