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Great Managers are Confident

If you’re an executive leader or CEO in a large organization, it’s hard for you to have direct influence on employees who you don’t see or even know. So as a leader, how do you cultivate a “common culture” that drives your mission and engages your workforce?

Gallup did a study to find out who best models and grows the vision and culture in large companies. As it turns out, it’s your managers!

The Gallup study found out why “effective managers” are key to your company’s success. Here’s why: They generate 22% higher productivity & 48% higher profitability within their teams. So, how do they make such a big difference to the bottom line? The short answer? Great managers are Confident.

Here are some of the traits they OWN:

· They Motivate people by communicating your mission.

· They Assert Themselves to overcome adversity and resistance.

· And, they make this happen, by building trust & transparency with the people they lead.

What research also shows is that “These traits come naturally to a just small percentage of people–only 10%. The rest, have to put in significant effort to succeed as managers.” So, to see a difference in company performance, leaders need to invest big time in their managers and support their development.

That’s where The Confidence Project comes in. We teach leaders & managers how to increase professional presence, communicate openly, remain resilient during tough times, and learn to support and energize the people on their teams. Of course, you, as an executive leader, have to model these behaviors too, by being consistent, with clear goals and ethics, all fundamental to success. But when you invest in your managers, they help build that “common culture” and engage their teams and elevate performance and profits.

If you’re ready to build a Confident Company Culture, please contact us.

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