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  • Tracy Hooper

Gratitude = Confidence

As the holidays arrive, please accept my thank you to everyone who made this a big year for The Confidence Project.

I’m especially grateful for the leaders who invested in their teams and in me, by choosing The Confidence Project.

Together, we helped create a more productive, collaborative and Confident Company Culture.

Just by doing this—expressing gratitude—I am building confidence! Who knew? Who knew that confidence and gratitude are closely related.

When you reflect on what you are grateful for, you remind yourself that you are capable of doing good work and pulling through tough times, and achieving your goals—almost always with the help and support of other people.

You build a “positive mindset” just by being thankful--and that increases your confidence in your abilities and in your future.

So how does this impact where your work?

Robert Emmons is a psychology professor and author at UC Davis. Here’s what he says,

“Most of our waking hours are spent on the job and gratitude, in all its forms, is a basic human requirement. So, when you put these factors together, it’s essential to give and receive thanks at work.”

Emmons’ research shows that gratitude improves corporate culture, increases sensitivity between co-workers and strengthens teams.

Just as we can build confidence by practicing gratitude individually, we can also express gratitude at work and see changes that spread all over the company.

So, if you’re a leader who wants to impact your organization, take the time and It doesn’t take much time, to thank your colleagues.

And if you’re are ready for a Confident Company Culture, contact us at The Confidence Project.

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