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Advice if You’re In-between Opportunities

With the number of companies going bankrupt and downsizing, there are millions of people who have lost their jobs and their confidence. So, I asked a professional who’s faced plenty rejection in his career to share his advice for coping and moving forward. Meet, Eddie Lopez.

Eddie is an actor, singer, dancer, storyteller whose artistic home has been with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon. Along with OSF, Eddie’s performed in NYC and in regional theatres around the country. We all know that COVID-19 has halted “live” performances. Add to it, the western wildfires, including southern Oregon where many OSF people live, and we have colliding crises.

So, how do people in the arts or in any profession, stay confident with sudden and persistent unemployment? Eddie says, “The scope of these crises is enormous, but in general, actors are good at weathering the storms of not working. The moments in-between define our careers. The moments in-between define our careers.”

If you or someone you know is “in-between opportunities,” here is some of Eddie’s advice.

For auditions or job interviews

Be prepared. Do the research. That’s where you have power. When you’re prepared, you have control over how you show up.

Remember, the people there want you to succeed. To nail it. “We put up invisible barriers and assume this aggressive energy. Don’t. If you’re a fit, they’ll want to hire you.”

Afterwards, Eddie says, “I do the good stuff first starting with affirmations like, ‘My voice felt strong’ or ‘I hit that note.’” Then, he moves on to criticisms, “I called the director, Joe. His name was Josh!” Next, it’s gratitude. “I got to audition. It’s an opportunity.” Finally, a reward. Typically, Eddie treats himself to a coffee!”

What about NOT getting a job

Eddie says, “You can look at it, as a REJECTION or you can look at it, as a PRACTICE. Auditions…interviews. Keep practicing.”

What about asking for feedback when he doesn’t get the job?

Eddie says, if he’s auditioned three times, he may ask the casting director, “How did things fall apart?” Mostly, “It’s out of my control. I wasn’t right for the part. Let it go.”

And what about those “in-between times,” that can be the majority of the time for creatives and free lancers. Eddie says, “Use that time well.”

  • Invest in yourself. He’s taking voice lessons!

  • Keep your body strong and mind sharp.

  • Stay in close communication with your family and friends.

  • Meditate.

  • And keep perspective.

These days, Eddie has shifted his focus to audiobook narration and other voice over work. He knows the in-betweens will come again, so he continues to believe this: “New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.” Lao Tzo

If you’re interested in 1:1 Advising with me, please send me an email.

Thanks for reading.

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