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  • Tracy Hooper

Most Popular Confidence Project Videos of 2023

As we close 2023, does it feel like we all need to take a collective DEEP breath? What a year!

This year, we’ve produced 12 new Confidence Project videos for you. Here are the top 8! February. What Makes You Healthier and Happier? It’s not career achievement, exercise or a healthy diet. Although they’re all important. There’s something else that makes you healthier and happier. And, in my view, it’ll boost your Confidence. April & May. How to Respond to Mean Comments and How to Respond to Mean Comments 2.0. You know, when someone says something snarky like, “You have such high standards.” Say, “Yes, I do. Thanks for noticing.” And then stop talking. If they say, “You’re an overachiever.” Try this, “Humm. I find that comment to be vague and unhelpful. Are you OK?” Be brief, use ‘I statements’ and then stop talking. There is Power in the Pause. And, then carry on with Confidence. July, was popular, too. Words to LOSE, like that Hot Hedge: a little. “I’d like to offer a little context. I’m a little concerned. Would you mind if I gave you a little feedback?” All of those littles diminish you. Does a little feedback mean that it won’t hurt? Feedback, offered well, can be a gift. Lose a little. It’s more Confident to say, “Would you be open to some feedback about the meeting today?” August, September, October, and November round out the most popular videos of 2023.

  • “The Art of Conversation.”

  • “How to Start a Conversation.”

  • “How to Break & Enter into a Conversation.”

  • “How to Welcome Someone into a Conversation Even When You Can’t Remember Their Name.”

  • “How to Exit a Conversation with Confidence” – especially when you're not being included.

Watch the November video to learn how to leave that conversation with your dignity intact.

2023 is a wrap. As always, thank you for watching and forwarding these videos, now 100+ of them, over 10 years.... with Confidence skills to take into 2024.

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