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Confident Company Culture

If you are a CEO, business owner or leader, you know the world is changing at warp speed. Disruption. Innovation. Competition. These aren’t buzzwords. They describe the pressures and the opportunities that you and your team face, every day.

So, in a business climate that never stops spinning, how do you ground your company culture in values that endure? How do you provide a “set of practices” that encourage people to up level and grow? And, be productive, innovative, and resilient?

Research shows the damage done by companies that try to keep up by building a high-pressure, cut-throat culture. Studies by the Queens School of Business and the Gallup Organization found that in high-stress company cultures, workers disengage. Absenteeism increases by 37%. Errors increase by 60%. Productivity falls by 18%, along with profitability by 16%. And share prices decline by 65%.

It’s clear that no organization can stay competitive with these conditions. But, the same research spotlights other settings that increase employee contribution and engagement. . . those places where people feel valued, supported, and respected. These positive and profitable outcomes are what The Confidence Project is designed to teach.

In a Confident Company Culture, people are self-assured. They appreciate their own abilities and value the contributions of their colleagues. They become empowered to express their ideas and listen. When confidence skills are practiced across an organization, it creates an environment of connection, respect, and trust. And, no matter what a person’s age, gender, experience, ethnicity, or personality type, they can build the confidence muscle, knowing that with practice, they’ll learn to

· Speak up in meetings and present new ideas with clarity

· Listen well and consider multiple points of view

· Challenge each other or disagree, with respect and

· Quickly establish rapport with clients or stakeholders to serve them well, and keep them coming back for more!

We help companies build a Confident Company Culture because confidence is a constant. It never becomes obsolete or replaced by whatever is “trending.” And, in your changing business environment, a confident culture provides skills that last. It unleashes innovation and impacts your bottom line. If these durable skills and values are what you want to set your organization apart, contact The Confidence Project today.

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